Do It In Brooklyn: Jazz!

Jazz, the originator of every genre from soul to pop, has its die-hards and it’s couldn’t-care-lesses.  I would argue, though, that the latter crowd just hasn’t been hooked by the good stuff yet.  There’s just something about the first bass notes of “Red Clay” by Freddie Hubbard or the evocative flow of Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue that instantly creates an urbane atmosphere in a dimly lit room.


All that being said, if you’re in the group that’s unacquainted with the rhythm and improv of jazz, you’re in luck!  There’s a ton of live jazz in Brooklyn!

I’ve always been a fan of jazz but had never been to a show in Brooklyn until I made the acquaintance of Parisian jazz radio personality/producer, Caroline Fontanieu, who brought Ms.Brooklyn Hippy and me into the fold.  Since then it seems as if our neighborhood has exploded with an abundance of jam sessions composed of clean brass, crisp wood, and raspy vocal cords.  Along with hearing great music, meeting the multi-national musicians has been incredibly fascinating.  Some of these artists are Brooklyn born, but many others are local to Peru, Israel, Argentina, and big-sky country.  In no time at all, you can hear distinct cultural influences in their unique styles, bringing new depth to their musicality.

With a dense population of jazz musicians living in Brooklyn, most especially in Lefferts Gardens, a number of free weekly jazz shows have sprouted from the concrete.  Mondays at Erv’s, Tuesdays at Parkside, Wednesdays at LunAtico, Thursdays at Sir D’s, Fridays at Barbes, Saturdays at St. Mazie, and Sundays at Dizzy’s.

These are just a few of the locations in Brooklyn offering syncopated swings, with many others waiting to be discovered in basement-level boxes and out-of-the-way outposts.

For now, these seven nights of jazz should quench your appetite.



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